Grammy-winning producer John Congleton, who has worked with the likes of St. Vincent, Swans and Explosions in the Sky, has announced a solo album. John Congleton and the Nighty Nite's Until the Horror Goes is set for release on April 1 on Fat Possum records, which will act as John's debut solo full-length.

"To me the human condition (the water in which my music tends to swim) is in some ways the slow realization magic does not exist. the idealizations one has as a child are chipped away by the lubrication of life; we slowly discover there is no santa claus, no salvation as we were promised. until the horror goes is in some ways the musical manifestation of that screaming child rejecting the intimacy and connection for which it cries; the endless quest for the sublime uncovering only the inane. the feeling of aloneness in the universe while connecting with everyone else feeling alone and laughing at the simple irony we all feel alone together," Congleton said in a statement regarding the project.

Listen to the title-track and check out the track-list below.

  • Until the Horror Goes:
  • 01 Animal Rites
  • 02 The White Powerless
  • 03 Your Temporary Custodian
  • 04 Just Lay Still
  • 05 Canaries in the Coal Mine
  • 06 Until It Goes
  • 07 Put Your Teeth In
  • 08 A Tale Told By an Idiot
  • 09 Who Could Love You Lucille?
  • 10 You Are Facing the Wrong Way