If you're familiar with the website The Talkhouse, you know they've already got some pretty great content where musicians review other musicians' albums. They published Lou Reed's last piece of public writing which was an outstanding review of Yeezus, and Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend's hilarious review of Drake's Nothing was the Same. Now they have St. Vincent reviewing Arcade Fire's acclaimed new album Reflektor, and, well, it's pretty perfect. Some things she Google searched while reviewing the album include 'Madonna's 'Like A Virgin' bass sound', 'porno', and 'Very-tall-men-fronted rock*^ bands.'

A choice cut from the review is when she discusses 'Flashbulb Eyes', which she loves (I think): ""FLASHBULB EYES" IS SUPER SICK AND DUBBY! KING TUBBY?! KING DUBBY?! AM I THE ONLY NON-STONED PERSON TO EVER MAKE THAT PUN?"

Check out the full review over at The Talkhouse.