Toronto-based singer-songwriter STACEY has shared the visuals for 'First Move', the title-track from her forthcoming sophomore EP. "I wanted to create a world that emulates the in-between moments of potential new love," she says of the single. "How they can feel lush & beautiful but they’re also obscured & elusive. And because you feel it all in isolation, it’s hard to tell what’s real, and easy to slip into a state of surreality. Like a lucid dream looking through a kaleidoscope, or a moving painting."

The clip - which was directed by Nicole Powell and STACEY herself - shows the singer lounging in a Baroque-inspired mansion, with some shots falling into the "kaleidoscope" arena she mentioned previously. A delicate-coloured fantasy, the video for 'First Move' is elegant, dreamy, romantic, and profound. Check it out below

First Move EP is due out in the fall.