Hello 405ists!

My name is Al, though I have more aliases than a mafia family... I write features and news on the site. I'm the unnecessarily blunt one, gifted with a warped turn of phrase, and an unshakable thirst for repping bands/films/events I think deserve it!

I tweet like a demon too; so if you're strong of stomach, and neither a hippie or a moron, follow me @CATHDISCBTON

Today I am recommending a local band who are making big waves. They're called Bentcousin but they're twins. Madness! They're like a mutation of the Partridge Family and Moldy Peaches with some lofi productions Calvin Johnson would get moist for. I'm supporting them on Valentines Day in Brighton, so ladies... Come down, it's gonna get tepid (details here).

They're working with the brilliant Team Love records at the mo; you can check/ape/fall in love with their latest EP here.

Right I've wasted enough of your working day, I'm off to chain smoke continental cigarettes, neck a few dozen coffees and pretend to be existential!