Hey there! I'm Will Richards, a 19 year old student originally from Winchester but currently studying Multimedia Journalism in Bournemouth. I spend my time writing for The 405 when shorthand practice and Media Law lectures become too much, and you'll most likely find me at every gig and festival I can get myself in to.

Music is my main passion, and right now I'm really in to Frightened Rabbit's new album, Run Walk's LP, everything ever to do with CHVRCHES and Keaton Henson's Birthdays, which I'm going to speak about in more detail below. That's quite a varied list, which is something I pride myself on, and there isn't much music you could throw at me that I wouldn't give a good go.

Come and fanboy with me on Twitter, I'm at @willjrichards, and take a look at my few words on Keaton Henson's new record and my Spotify playlist of recommendations below.

Keaton Henson is a delicate soul. His debut album Dear and a self-confessed fear of crowds and live performing, resulting in a lack of live shows, made him an astonishing prospect, with the heartbreak of 'You Don't Know How Lucky You Are' and 'Small Hands' being almost unbearable to take. Birthdays is a more complex beast though, with straight forward sorrow being replaced with elements of self-loathing, and although the songs are still about love and loss (don't get me wrong, this isn't a happy album), they take a different dimension, with Henson discovering flaws in himself as well. A case in point being the first line of the album: "teach me how to love you like I wrote, and say it like I mean it when I don't." Keaton Henson isn't going to take Birthdays on a worldwide 100-date tour, because that's just not him, but it is certain to increase interest and fascination with this special soul tenfold.

Birthdays was released on Monday and can be bought here.