Hey, I'm Larry Day. I'm 21 years old and have recently graduated from Bath Spa University with a degree in Creative Writing - that's exactly as useful as it sounds. I live on a speck called the Isle Of Wight, a place with thriving blues and metal scenes, but little else if you dislike the beach. On the plus side, Bestival and the Isle Of Wight Festival are pretty close by. I currently write the new monthly Audio Atlas feature, reviews and interviews for The 405, as well as bits and bobs for other sites. My favourite artists at the moment are Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Brooke Candy and Chloë Howl, but one of my favourite bands of all time is The Good Natured. I've been trying to plug them for ages, and now's my chance, yay! You can follow me on Twitter at @Lazarusbadger if you feel like reading my intermittent musings.

Brandishing a raven bouffant and the sprightly appetite of someone fated for the charts, Sarah McIntosh has been constructing her mainstream assault for years; signed to Parlophone/Regal, the Highclere lass, her bleached brother Hamish and university comrade George Hinton combine to make The Good Natured. Focused on crafting electro-noir gems about youthful trysts and jilted lovers, their music is a farrago of precise pop and intelligent electronica, blended elegantly with synth mastery that recalls the more commercial aspects of Charli XCX or the less commercial ones of La Roux.

They're due to unleash their debut record this year, with the first cut being the resounding dance belter laced with 90s drum 'n' bass, '5-HT', named for our seratonin receptors. This is a trio of immensely talented songsmiths, full of tenacious moxie, an arsenal of dancefloor ready hits and ambitious to the point of reckless abandon. Their live show is frivolous, full of glitter, and the snake-hipped writhing from the more female McIntosh conveys the stage presence of a band far more established, and a singer with far more ego. As it is, they are silently stalking the Top 40, looming in the shadows and waiting for a moment to strike a euphoric blow to the heart of the charts.