Stagecoach ‘Tazers!’ Tour Diary Niggsy-Guitar Chop –Mandolin Shanks –Drums Ribber -Bass Pure Groove – London (w/Loverman) Oct 7th Arrive a bit late but not as late as Niggsy who has mad dash across London just making it in time for our set. CDs pinned up on the wall and we rock best we can with small PA. Pure Groove staff are as charming as ever but no free beer today. Oli 405 does live twitter review of each song as we play. Ribber has to shoot straight after we play so doesn’t get to sign CDs, Jack Pop steps in and signs them instead (sorry if you got one of those copies) We booze after across the road with Jack and friends, toast our first release and start hatching plans for the next. Fighting Cocks – Kingston (w/Algernon Cadwallader) Oct 9th We’ve been looking forward to this one for ages. Everyone has played the Algernon record to death so can’t wait to hear them, watched a youtube clip of their show in Manchester and it looks crazy. Rider of humous, crusty bread and veggie sausages on arrival keeps me happy while we wait to play. We play second and manage to get the largely punk crowd on our side. Algernon destroy and Chop and Shanks crowd surf until sound engineer kicks their asses. Banquet people seem to enjoy our set and we score a December show with Copy Haho (which we can’t make –damn!) I end the night discussing cheese and wine with Tank from Algernon who is enormous and totally charming. We sell our first tee’s to some enthusiastic young chaps and a few CDs too. Journey home is soundtracked by super emo comp Shanks has put together, we rock out with windows down to The Movielife. Notting Hill Arts Club –London (Launch Night w/The Candle Thieves & My First Tooth) Oct 10th Sad news that My Amiga can’t make the show but we’re way too pumped to let it bring us down. News gets worse as Candle Thieves have broken down on the motorway and still no sign of My First Tooth as the doors open. Disaster averted as both turn up just in the nick of time. Venue gets super busy like never before. I get a bit nervous and drink another Effes. Candle Thieves are great, not seen them before but their media attention proves well-deserved. My First Tooth calm me down with awesome set, best I’ve seen them and the new one is Fleetwood Mac styled heaven. Our set goes down a treat and we sell a truck load of CDs. We close with new unfinished song as unplanned encore, a couple of people tell me its our best song yet –woah! Everyone involved in the record is there right down to camera men from the video shoot, massive grin is worn on my face. After party at pub over the road gets a little bit messy. Niggsy nails a load of Grouse and falls down some stairs. We’re so rock n’roll. The Priory –Reigate (w/Arcs & Los) Oct 11th This is our local show of the tour and we’re playing with friends Arcs and Los who are putting the show on. We sound check the new one and all is cool. Set starts great but then my acoustic keeps cutting in and out, stupid lead is out to get me. Chop climbs the bar in Hot Doggin, land lady doesn’t get pissed off but instead buys our EP. Los and Arcs put in rockin shows and we sell 6 more CDs. I head down to Brighton early with Ribber the others have to work on Monday. (Foolish suckers). Hectors House –Brighton (w/4or5 Magicians & Duke Raoul) Oct 12th I wake up in Brighton early, sun is shining so head to the beach to skim stones. We turn up at the venue to find it’s been double booked and some metal bands have already filled the stage with gear. Dan 4 or 5 works some Jedi magic and they disappear off to another venue. We’ve not played with 4 or 5 Magicians for some time so great to catch up, Duke Raoul are also super good. Sound man is helpful and we get a nice phat sound, 9 o’clock arrives and its time to rock. Show is ace, cd sales not so much. Big crowd for a Monday which is a pleasant surprise, free shows are deffo the way forward. Night closes as it should with 4 or 5 rocking ‘Forever on the Edge’ Such a good tune. I make some new friends and we find late pub for one more taste. Back to Ribber’s flat for spotify action and brandy. Niggsy and I discover Ribber’s flat mate’s secret booze stash in the garden and drink it –yuck! Brighton done. The Cellars –Portsmouth 13th Oct I think I’ve got away with not driving on this tour but get added to the insurance this morning. Hold on to your butts as I’m doing the next leg. I’m not the most confident driver but we make it down there ok. Sound check is fine, Chinese over the road is a bit shit. While we play I wish I hadn’t had it. A guy called Andrew who’s opening notices me playing some Lemonheads in sound check so awesomely does a Smudge cover and dedicates it to us –Hero! Makes us feel super welcome and the night is set. We put in a ripper set as there’s loads of stuff to climb on. The sound guy picks out our Wilco reference in ‘Hot Doggin’ and drops some YHF after our set. There’s about 40 people in the room and for the first time ever people from a city that’s not our own have come out to watch us. A couple sing along at the front and more tell us how they already have the record. Amazing scenes! All the bands are really friendly and a guy called Pablo invites us to his to smoke some weed. Lots of CDs get sold and even the promoter buys a t-shirt, good times! M Club –Crewe 14th Oct Journey to Crewe is long and squashed, I’m almost ill from trying to read Rocksound in the back (still no review). We arrive at the venue to find it’s 1500 capacity –yikes! Sound guy says they normally get a couple of hundred kids down though so should be fun. Sound check is massive stadium style, there’s also lots of PA, drum riser and barriers to climb on/over/through. We check in to hotel, eat scampi then back to venue which as promised is now swarming with teens. It kind of feels like a school disco or prom. Our set goes well, lots of action moves. Niggsy jumps the barrier in ‘45’ solo and gets in with the kids. Tee’s sell well after the gig and we head to a local pub where beer is half the price of London, makes us feel rich so we dare to put it all on band funds. Next food and take away beers. We meet some awesome dudes in a kebab who direct us to all night garage and make us pizza’s while we collect beer. 1 am and we’re back at hotel and make a base in the deserted foyer with TV for ents. Pizza is good, bonus free slaw and chilli sauce really ties the room together. Watch Tess Daley tell us about Madonna for an hour. Apparently she’s good at changing her image. Bed time. The Tap House –Kidderminster (w/Hold Your Horse Is) 15th Oct Kidderminster isn’t so far away. We get to the venue really early and the staff are playing with a remote control helicopter which Chop breaks within 5 seconds. There’s not much to do in Kiddy but the people are friendly. Ribber has booked a Travelodge and a hostel type thing run by a guy called ‘Mike’. We arrive at Mike’s which turns out to be a terraced house with a sign on the door that says ‘Mike’s House’. Mike is weird looking and in the hallway there are 24 pairs of shoes. We’re shown to our room which is 97% bunkbeds to 3% floor. Mike has a little Ukrainian servant/gimp who seems eager to please, the whole place is a bit freaky so we ditch it and agree to cram into the lodge. Sound check is not cool. The engineer is really nice but looks totally lost with the equipment. Fellow Surrey band Hold Your Horse Is are also on the bill so it’s cool to see them. The show has a crowd of 7 but we still play the gig like its our last and have fun. Promoter pays us well anyway so we celebrate with a trip to 24hr Tesco and buy loads of junk. Mini party back at the Travelodge with splegg and some Dre on the hi-fi. Glad we’re not at Mike’s. The Cellar –Oxford (w/My First Tooth) 16th Oct Oxford is only a short drive so we get there for a Burrito lunch with Hold Your Horse Is who are practising there. Burrito is pretty good but not the El Burrito standard I’m used to in London. We stash all our equipment at BSM HQ saying a quick hi to Kev on route and go explore Oxford. It’s a pretty grand old place and seems to have less grubbers than any other city. Before we play I tape Rocksound poster of Hayley Paramore to back of my guitar, it powers me up. She is awesome and so is gig, loads of our friends from Surrey come down and we slay. My First Tooth are also on the bill and sounding great (as always). After the show we offload equipment but by the time we’re back at The Cellar its 2 am and looking pretty dead. I make a couple of new friends and we head to theirs for tea and splegg via a house party which we’re totally told to leave. I slightly out stay my welcome and get lost trying to find Hollies where we’re staying. Chop finds me eventually but I’m not in a good way and after 5 mins of new Curb I’m asleep. Oxford edges its way in to top 3 shows of the tour. The Cooler –Bristol 17th Oct I lived in Bristol for a bit so totally love the place like home. This show was booked really late on so we’re not expecting much. We arrive at venue then sleep for a couple of hours which is well needed. Sound man Scott is totally awesome and deffo wins the award for best sound on tour (well, maybe split with Neil Rota) There’s six people in the venue when we start. Two of them are our friends so we invite them to sit on stage with us a la Hole at Glastonbury. Alec has had a splegg so gets a bit freaked by the whole experience. We totally rock out and climb the massive PA. Sixty percent of the audience buy cd’s so its not all bad plus the night is young. Other bands sounded pretty dull in check so we get the hell out of there and head to Start The Bus. Local excitable gig goer Jeff is in the house, if you’ve ever been to Bristol you’ll know this dude. He has excellent taste and just loves his music so hard, cool to see him. The place is rammed and there’s some live bands which the crowd is going nuts for. We meet some lovely people who are promoting Oxjam gigs next week and proceed to entertain them with our drinking of hot sauce. Live MC on stage gives Stagecoach a shout which is very cool. As his set finishes Shanks grabs the mic and manages a 20 second freestyle before getting booted off stage. If you like UK Garage you’d probably enjoy the Shanks flavour. Back to our friend Alec’s for splegg and Built To Spill on the stereo which slightly melts my brain. One more day and I’m getting ill. I’m not hardened to tours (yet) Space -In The City Manchester (w/My First Tooth) 18th Oct Journey to Manchester is as comfortable as ever with the merch board right in my face obscuring any chance of a motorway view. We are staying at Niggsy’s family friends place just out of Manchester. It’s totally awesome with about 8 bedrooms so we all get double beds –win! The venue for the show is pretty cool and is already busy when we turn up. My First Tooth are also playing before us so after gig fun is inevitable. No sound check means awful sound and the worst performance of the entire tour which is a shame as we really wanted to kick it. At least I’ve perfected my kissing-pic-of-Hayley-paramore-that’s-taped-to-back-of-my-guitar move. The radiators seem to be maxed out so we literally melt on stage then get hassled off real quick by some stroppy band with pushy management. I’m fast getting ill but try and drink through. Getting ITC wrist bands proves problematic, we even show the guy our picture in the guide book but he doesn’t want to believe we’re in a band. Eventually he gets tired of us complaining and gives in.We head over to the BSM showcase with the Teeth and Jack Pop in tow making it just in time for Talons who are ace. We’re sad to miss Copy Haho but find out Hot Club are playing the Deaf Institute so get taxis. Show is wicked and we meet more new super nice people. Coach and Tooth now headed for trouble after many a booze but no one’s had more than Jacky Boy Pop. More taxis take us all to an indie bar where the music couldn’t be more Manchester but we have loads of fun crowd surfing Shanks and generally causing trouble. We say our goodbyes before taxi home bumping into a rather lost looking Jack and Arrows of Love in a kebab shop on route. Tour done. Coach 1 UK 0