Stagecoach continue to build the anticipation for their forthcoming debut album with the new single Work Work Work. It's an absolute belter. Containing all of the fun that you'd expect from the 405 favourites, instant summer and an instant ear to ear grin, wrapped up in fuzzy guitars and sultry vocal harmonies.

The band embark on a tour of their favourite Record Shops (Dates below) to promote the single, which will be released on limited edition A3 art print via Alcopop! Records on March 25th, with the Rory Attwell produced album following later in the year.

The band had this to say "When touring one of the best time killing activities is visiting record shops of the city you are in so these dates have got us very excited indeed. There is also something lovely about playing to people in shop, people get to hear you up close through a small PA so it’s just like sitting in on one of our band practices"

Consider this song a shout out to everyone that declared guitar music was dead. I defy you to listen to this and not feel pretty great about life.

You can catch the band on these dates in March

    4- Banquet Records, Kingston
    5 -The Lexington, London w/Concrete Knives
    6 –Crash Records, Leeds
    7 –Pie & Vinyl, Southsea
    8 –Truck Store, Oxford
    9 –Rise Records, Bristol
    10 –Rise Records, Cheltenham