Ahead of this weekend's Standon Calling festival (31st July - 2nd August), we had a quick catch up with The Antlers.

Transgressive Records has just released a limited edition vinyl only version of The Antlers In London. The deluxe double set captures the band's sold-out Hackney Empire show, with beloved tracks blissfully extended and lushly arranged before a rapt audience.


Why should people come and see you at Standon Calling?
If you like our music, you should definitely see us at Standon Calling. If you've never heard us, or aren't sure if you like us, you should maybe come see us. But if you don't like us, you should probably skip the show.

Do you approach festival sets differently to ordinary shows?
With most festival sets, we have shorter set-lengths, so we tend not to play our longer sleepier songs. We may include more immediate material than we would a headline show. But the vibe remains essentially the same.

Is there a particular song of yours that you most enjoy playing live?
Lately 'Doppelganger''s been my favorite, as we make it much more chaotic than the recorded version. I go for maximum guitar noise and dissonance.

When was the last time you tried something new?
Like, in life? Pretty recently. I attempted a headstand a few days ago, but couldn't stay in it very long.

Other than music, what else might we find you obsessing over?
These past few years it's been yoga. I've been practicing daily for awhile, and it's become more and more central to my days and how I organise my time.

What are you currently working on at the moment?
Lots of stuff! Writing music, learning covers, attempting to compile a book, learning to properly play piano, learning to cook, reading as much as I can.

This is a tough one - what's your favourite live music experience to date?
Hard to choose a favorite... I've seen Low a few times, and every show's been incredibly inspiring and memorable. I remain fascinated with their voices, their ability to sustain notes for so long.

Who are you most looking forward to checking out this weekend at Standon Calling?
Probably Roots Manuva. A legend!

Tickets for Standon Calling are still available here.