Stap3s cares about your well-being. He knows that heartbreak and letting go of past relationships can be hard, so he's handled his new single 'Two Days on Mercury' with care. While the enigmatic artist throws sharp words as powerful weapons, he softens the blow with lush electronic production that offers a realistic attachment to the duality of the process of moving on.

"One day on Mercury equals 58 days here on Earth so when I say ‘Two Days on Mercury,’ I really mean about 120 days of reasoning with having to let go of an old relationship. Even though it’s only the second song in POV (album), ‘Two Days on Mercury’ shapes the narrative quickly into me having to start referring to this relationship in the past tense. I’m reluctant to do so, which is why there is so much back and forth in the lyrics and the heavy repetition of it in the bridge," Stap3s said.

"The lead sound is a synth I sent to the hi hats on the drum kit. It’s mimicking one of the two hi hat patterns I played. I chose to add a filter sweep to it and pan it from left to right to further echo the theme of going back and forth and the thematics of the song."

His debut LP titled POV is due out this summer via Color Station. Listen to 'Two Days on Mercury' below.