In the improbable chemistry of beautiful pop music, somehow Sweden has effectively tapped into a endless pool of talent. The newest entrant is righteous up-and-comer Staphan O'Bell, a Stockholm native that finished his debut album earlier this year but ultimately decided that it needed a makeover before its proper release.

For the impatient, this move may be irksome, but for someone as young, perfectionism may be the key to launching forward. After re-recording his debut album Mirror House in a furious seven-day session last month, O'Bell introduced his refined, personal work at a launch party in his native city's Melodybox.

For the performance, O'Bell opened up with the beautiful and grand 'Your Universe Will Expand Into Mine', which you can see below. The unfiltered approach allows for O'Bell's loving inflection to shine through, making for a simply warming effort. Word on a proper release of Mirror House is relatively mum, so until then enjoy the hype of 'Your Universe Will Expand Into Mine'.