Last year we reported that Star Citizen was the most funded game on Kickstarter, since then the donations have been continuously coming through funding the game to over $17 million.

The funding for Star Citizen (Literally the spiritual successor to Wing Commander) has been so successful that there is a new stretch goal at $19 million, however fans have recently expressed disappointment about the launch of a microtransaction-based store that is featured in the game.

Although players don't have access to a full game yet, they can currently access a hanger that hosts their purchased ships as well as the Voyager Direct store that lets them buy in-game items with real money.

Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts has tried to remedy this situation by informing that all items will be unlockable in-game, without any need for purchases. However players are unable to work out what items are really worth purchasing as there's no way to use them fully in-game yet.

It seems that although the game has a seriously over-bloated budget for what it was initially aiming for, certain practices and missteps are naturally going to happen. However, let's hope greed doesn't take too much of a toll on the process and the vision and overall balance of the final game will be honoured over fad-like features such as microtransactions etc

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