So this song appeared in my inbox about a month ago, it had one of those perfect vocal deliveries, like you couldn't even comprehend it was so subtle and as you began to dwell on it, the song became so righteous. The song was Since You Asked by Swim Good.

I was snowed under a deadline at the time, I listened to it obsessively but didn't have the time to write on it, the amount of music I love that I don't document makes me feel a little ill actually. ANYWAY. No-one cares about my self obsession, not when there are total fucking bangers to listen to. This one is made by Jon Lawless AKA Swim Good with a little help from members of The Avalanches and Air France, for Ryan Hemsworth's Secret Songs project. It's just been given an upbeat makeover by Star Slinger but I've put both tracks below because I can. It's the internet.

Star Slinger's mix is like the start of the party, when you're trying to lock into the same level as everyone you are with, the original that follows it is like 4am after the party has thinned out and you're surrounded by champions, when the fun really starts.