I am very very excited for Starsailor's fourth album "All the Plans", expected to be released March 2009! It's been a while since we've heard from them. I wasn't too impressed with their previous release "On the Outside", it just didn't grab like the others did, especially "Silence is Easy". But I have high hopes (fingers crossed that they won't be crushed) that this one will be better.? They've switched record labels from EMI to Virgin so i'm really keen to hear what they sound like now since their debut "Love is Here" and how they've evolved musically. So for better or for worse, who knows until we get to hear more. From YouTube, here's James Walsh performing "Hurts too much" live on acoustic! I hope it's not just me but i'm sold right from the beginning with the first strum of his guitar. Love it myspace: starsailor