Release Date: 01/09/08 Label: Arts & Crafts Link: Stars seem to be one of those bands that are so unassuming that you could be forgiven for letting them leave your radar but yet they still manage to create music so other–worldly and magnificent that it’s hard to justify why they’re not as big as say Sigur Ros or other bands that continue to create beautiful pieces of art without being too commercial. You’d only need to look at the ridiculously sublime Set Yourself On Fire to see where I’m coming from. This rather long introduction leads me to their latest release, the Sad Robots EP. Comprised of five tracks, Stars have seemingly created another mini-masterpiece, albeit a slightly more laid back affair. Starting with the instrumental ‘Maintenance Hall, 4am’ Stars soon head back to familiar territory with the floaty-shoegazer-pop inspired ‘A Thread Cut With A Carving Knife’ which will melt the coldest of hearts. The following track ‘Undertow’ is another classic Stars piece but with a really cool subtle electro bit at the end which makes it feel more unique. The rest of the EP progresses well, not in a particularly special way but we do get treated to a live version of ‘Going, Going, Gone’ which is worth the EP price alone.  Fans of the band, like me, will eat this up but if you haven’t heard any of their music before then I definitely recommend you check out the fantastic Set Yourself On Fire first.  Rating: 3.5/5