Oh look, Josh Homme is a terrible person

The dude that allegedly assaulted an autograph hunter in Detroit has now had himself another classic night of being an absolute twat. Twat move number one: he cut himself in the head with a knife because he's a "rock star". Twat move number two: he called the crowd "retards". Twat move number three: he kicked a photographer (Chelsea Lauren) in the head, landing her in hospital.

Here's what the twat had to say about it:

Chelsea Lauren is filing a police report today, so hopefully he gets what's coming to him.


Oh look, SZA is the best

SZA paid a visit to SNL this past weekend to perform two songs from her stunning CTRL album. She performed 'The Weekend' and 'Love Galore' with a god damn gospel backing choir, and on boy, this must be a dream.


Oh look, here's a cease and desist

Brooklyn's Lineup Brewing company launched a Beyoncé-inspired beer called Bïeryoncé, but predictably they got hit with a cease and desist letter. The one-time batch is still up for grabs, but with a limited supply on offer, you've got no chance of grabbing yourself a can. Oh well.


Oh look, Apple has a lot of money

AppleAccording to a whole bunch of people "in the know", Apple are looking to acquire the music recognition app Shazam - which we've all had at one point, used, then never used again - for $400 million. Obviously, this would be a big win for the music arm of the company, but the bigger move here would be for Siri. She'll no longer have to rely on third-party apps to recognize songs. Smart move keeping your MVP happy, Apple.