The latest browser from Firefox

Chrome isn't paricuarly fast, and it eats up all your memory, yet I've found it hard to make the jump (back) to Firefox, or even Safari. That might be about to change. The latest edition of Mozilla's Firefox browser, called Firefox Quantum, is twice as fast as the Firefox from six months ago and apparently uses uses "less memory than the competition." They've also thrown in a few new features, such as built-in screenshot functionality. Head here to find out more.


The flight you'll probably never experience

Emirates have unveiled their new first class suites for the Boeing 777, and unless I win the lottery, I'll probably never get to experience it. Which is fine really, I can't imagine it will do a great deal for my fear of flying anyway. I'm definitely not bitter.


These clothes you definitely can't afford

Speaking of expensive things, how about spending $1,295.00 AUD (roughly £750) on that jumper you can see above? It's from Australian label Song for the Mute's latest collection, which is due out at the start of 2018. If you're into the apocalyptic, Waterworld look then head here.


And finally... these 5 songs

Quick Thought: The latest song from Brisbane-based Hatchie floats effortlessly for 4 minutes. It's very, very lovely.

Quick Thought: Deejay Abstract's addictive beats meet Jalise Romy's dreamy R&B vocals. Every box is ticked.

Quick Thought: The verses in this Hockey Dad song are cool. Not incredible, but certainly cool. Then that chorus comes in. Oh boy, give me something to smash to pieces. Fun.

Quick Thought: I like how odd this song is. In particular, I like Jessica Allanic's vocals - she does it all. I'm buying stock in this band immediately.

Quick Thought: Someone describes 'Forget Forgive' as the "most personal track" she's ever written. We're describing it as devastating. Combine the two and you'll be prepared.