Loma, a collaboration between Jonathan Meiburg, Shearwater's lead singer, and Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski of Cross Record. Moody, tempestuous, reverberating folk rock. Their S/T debut is out February 16 and this is a hugely promising marker for what's to come. - Kieran Devlin



London-based sibling duo MORO follow up their 2 EP with ‘Jealous’ – a silky smooth 3 minutes of soul. Comparisons to fellow sibling duo inc. no world can be heard in the shimmering guitar chords and the breathy vocals. ‘Jealous’ is a thoroughly pleasant ode to the green-eyed monster. -Joni Roome


Quick Thoughts

Quick Thought: Beautiful French vocals floating over pulsating, hypnotic soundscapes. And a great video too? We're sold.

Quick Thought: This has been on heavy rotation these past few days. Love how this chugs along.

Quick Thought: An Austrian rapper called Mavi Phoenix? With a song called 'Janet Jackson'? This is a lot of fun.

Quick Thought: Tourist has always been pretty good at creating heartfelt music, but 'Hush' takes it to another level. Put this on and go for a walk.

Quick Thought: This is by far the most beautiful song I've heard in quite some time. Everything works here.

Quick Thought: A beautiful blend of glitchy beats, and hushed vocals. We suggest turning the volume dial all the way up for this one.

Quick Thought: Yaeji is probably one of our favourite artists of the year. If you're new to her world, this is a pretty great place to start.

Quick Thought: It's always a good day when Kehlani releases new music, so consider this a really great day.