Here is a nice or should I say actually very nice remix of a song by La Roux called 'Cruel Sexuality' by a little-known-but-getting-there London band Stats.

The track pulses with meaty kicks and bass blasts, funk chords echoing out like light shone through a diamond prism onto a fuchsia coloured mirror where somehow it reflects in a smart band of never-before-seen colours. Naturally, everyone's like, whoa weird colours and they would investigate it but this song is playing the whole time and nobody can stop dancing. Nobody can stop feeling the misty synths, the gloriously incessant beat, the vocals from La Roux weaving in and out of the sparkling disco sounds like a breeze through shore-caressing palm trees. Dancing dancing dancing dancing.

It's not getting released anywhere but you can listen to it again and again, just like a Disney VHS but in yo ears instead innit.

Discovery: If you enjoyed the fresh funk of this one, you'll probably like Café Romantica by Andras & Oscar – a little more laid-back, but totally cool all the same.