'You Hate Me is a song from Stay Positive's (Stay+) upcoming Blood Brother EP, and if this track is any indication what to expect, then this release is one to anticipate.

Throughout the track, Cooly G's incredible vocal performance is chopped up and pitch shifted over driving rhythms don't seem to be capable of letting up. Sonically, 'You Hate Me' builds in unexpected ways. Rave is written all over this track, but it sounds anything but typical. At around the halfway point, things cool down for a moment, returning to the keys and vocals heard at the start, growing in distortion until the beat kicks back in again. Cooly G's lines "You're the one for me" and "You hate me" create a schizophrenic call and response, adding another layer to this complex dance track.

You can listen to 'You Hate Me' [ft. Cooly G] on Stay Positive's Soundcloud page (or below). Keep an eye out for the Blood Brothers EP, which is released on July 1 vis Stay Positive Industries.