Here’s 3am, a collection of sleepy-eyed improvised soul recordings Los Angeles’ singer/songwriter and instrumentalist Aaron Childs made after midnight, with the occasional background bleed of Sunset Blvd adding to it’s nocturnal, bedsit ambience and closely held intimacy.

Childs recorded 3am at home with his long-standing Godmode Music collaborator Nick Sylvester, strumming and singing his way through a series of husky miniatures that recall the sepia-toned nostalgia of his acclaimed debut single ‘Tangerine.’ The collection is a side-step from the uptempo disco-funk sound Childs has been exploring over the last year and a half, but it’s also a callback to how we were introduced to him, and given its improvised nature and seemingly spontaneous release, feels like Childs is clearing the way for whatever he has planned next.

You can stream or purchase 3am via bandcamp here.