Steady Holiday, the musical project of LA-based Dre Babinski, is releasing a new album called Nobody's Watching on October 5th through Barsuk. We recently loved the single 'Who's Gonna Stop Us', and today we have the joy of bringing you the album's next teaser, 'Mothers', along with its engrossing video clip.

'Mothers' is a sultry track, perfect for a rainy summer evening of contemplation and scheming, with Babinski's slinky vocal interweaving itself with her moodily tense guitar. Underpinned by lightly jazzy percussion, these inseparable elements slither together to create a scene of foreboding; "it's coming down/ they say this is the storm of centuries"; but, even as she's telling people to "take cover, find shelter," there's a mischievous sense of daring to Babinski's inviting vocal. This is intensified as growling guitars give a minor shock to the system, leading to a delicately electrified chorus where Babinski's voice levitates alongside ascendant strings. 'Mothers' is another example of Steady Holiday's ability to wield substantial poise and power through her understated yet cinematic musical surroundings.

This is matched by the video for 'Mothers', which beholds the artistry and atmosphere of an East Asian film noir. Babinsky tells us "Some have a hard time distinguishing compassion from the slippery slope of altruism. This character is one of them, hesitant to "give an inch.." anticipating what will be asked of her next. Maybe it's more convenient to keep the door locked next time."

Steady Holiday's Nobody's Watching comes out October 5th and can be pre-ordered here. She'll also be coming to Europe in October to play these dates:

Monday 15th October - The Hope, Brighton
Tuesday 16th October - Crofter's Rights, Bristol
Wednesday 17th October - The Castle, Manchester
Thursday 18th October - The Islington, London
Saturday 20th October - Left of the Dial Festival, Rotterdam, NL
Tuesday 23rd October - Monarch, Berlin, DE
Wednesday 24th October - Trafo, Jeno, DE
Friday 26th October - Le Zorba, Paris, FR