Detroit DIY artist Stef Chura is releasing her new album Midnight through Saddle Creek on June 7th. One of the main selling points of the album, apart from Chura's own guitar and vocal prowess, is that the album boasts production from Will Toledo aka Car Seat Headrest, but on new track 'Sweet Sweet Midnight' he gets on mic to duet.

'Sweet Sweet Midnight' rumbles through 5 and a half minutes of muscular alt-rock, akin to what made Teens Of Denial so beloved, but with Chura and Toledo trading off verses there are certainly sparks of a different colour flying. The track ebbs and flows with the angsty ferocity of the two leads, 'Sweet Sweet Midnight' building from a chugging reflection on strange dreams into a cathartic fireball of lost friendship by its well-earned finale.

Stef Chura's new album Midnight is out June 7th on Saddle Creek - pre-order.