Stef Chura is on the bring of releasing Midnight, her new full length produced by Will Toledo (Car Seat Headrest), which lands this Friday, June 7th. Following up a slew of great singles, she's giving us one final teaser in the form of 'Scream'.

Although a rambunctious and unignorable track, 'Scream' is actually about isolation, Chura explains: "['Scream' is] about the loneliness of social media. How being popular online doesn't equate to feeling whole in your real life, projecting a persona of an ideal 'you' online."

That overwhelming feeling that creeps up inside comes spewing out in Chura's ripping song. 'Scream' at once shows off her effervescent guitar hooks, her helium-voiced yelp and her contemplative lyricism. Altogether in this 2-minute burst of life, 'Scream' is an incredible injection of energy straight into your ears, demanding you to overcome your shortcomings and not fall into the trap of Chura's subject in the song.

The video for 'Scream' was created by Ambar Navarro, check it out below.

Stef Chura's new album Midnight is out this Friday on Saddle Creek.