German singer-songwriter Stella Sommer is releasing her debut solo album 13 Kinds of Happiness next Friday, August 10th. It comes after years of playing in German band Die Heiterkeit, and sees her transitioning to English, which suits her exquisite and engulfing voice perfectly.

This is evidenced in the new song and video that we have for you today, 'Collapse/Collapsing'; Sommer's lackadaisical guitar and simple percussion underpinning a wide and vulnerable vocal. The song very subtly coils into a more tense affair as it progresses, as Sommer's internal being starts to believe that everything around her will collapse and is collapsing. The result is not messy though, but rather beautiful and welcoming, like someone letting you in on their deep neuroses - unique and precious as they are.

The video for 'Collapse/Collapsing' features Sommer strutting around a moodily lit set. It was directed by Thalea Luschnat and Manuel Gehrke. Check it out below.

You can pre-order Stella Sommer's 13 Kinds Of Happiness from her Bandcamp.