Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley has been busy creating the score to an ice skating choreographic piece called Eternelle Idole by French-Austrian artist, Gisèle Vienne; today he's shared one of the tracks taken from it, called 'Eternal Idol'. It's an unnerving morsel of music, with unexpected cold clavichord tumblings courtesy of Steve Moore, along with deep sub-bass rumbles and the voice of Jesse Sykes deftly weaving through it all.

The score, also called Eternelle Idole, is out 4th September via Shelter Press on white, 3-sided 2XLP with a 16-page 30cm full colour booklet, which features fitting photography by Estelle Hanania, mirroring the music.

  • Eternelle Idole tracklist:A1. L’étang
  • A2. Aurore theme
  • B1. Eternal Idol
  • B2. Arrival of the trainer
  • C1.
  • C2. Return / Escape