American alternative songwriter Stephen Steinbrink is devastatingly productive, having released 3 albums since 2013 and gearing up to release his fourth studio album later this year. Perhaps it's surprising that even amidst all these releases, he has some songs that have hit the cutting room floor in the process - or maybe he's just been keeping them up his sleeve as a nice surprise for Steinbrink completists. He'll be releasing them all on a new compilation called B-sides & Instrumentals 2012 - 2017, coming out on April 13th.

If the song we have for you today, 'Useless', is anything to go by, then B-Sides & Instrumentals 2012 - 2017 is going to be well worth investigation. 'Useless', originally recorded among the sessions that would become Arranged Waves, plays out in Steibrink's usual pop aesthetic with quirky edges. It is an involving track, low on energy but high on invention, with Steinbrink's production and delivery inviting you in to appreciate his words, but also directing you to explore the peripheries, where there's plenty of interesting little details. Check it out below.

Fans of Steinbrink will be interested to know that the compilation also features alternate versions of songs from Anagrams, some spare instrumental tracks, and even some tracks culled from his forthcoming album as a preview of what's next. Pre-order B-Sides & Instrumentals ahead of its April 13th release from here.