Magnetic Fields figurehead Stephin Merrit will be releasing his third album as part of Future Bible Heroes this June.

Those familiar will know that Future Bible Heroes haven't produced an LP since 2002's Eternal Youth (the band's last work, The Lonely Robot EP, was released in 2003). The band will also be releasing a discography compilation alongside the new album, which will also feature the group's EPs and other odd collections.

The Memories Of Love, Eternal Youth, and Partygoing compilation will be released on the same day as the 2013 LP Partygoing, June 4th. Both will come on The Magnetic Fields' home label, Merge.

For a preview of the 13-track LP, check out 'Living, Loving, Partygoing' below.

Partygoing Tracklist:

  • 1. A Drink Is Just the Thing
  • 2. Sadder than the Moon
  • 3. Let's Go to Sleep (And Never Come Back)
  • 4. Satan, Your Way Is a Hard One
  • 5. A New Kind of Town
  • 6. All I Care About Is You
  • 7. Living, Loving, Partygoing
  • 8. Keep Your Children in a Coma
  • 9. How Very Strange
  • 10. Love Is a Luxury I Can No Longer Afford
  • 11. Digging My Own Grave
  • 12. Drink Nothing But Champagne
  • 13. When Evening Falls on Tinseltown