During a recent 30 day crowdfunding effort from Irish electronic music comedy site Wunderground, the company offered donors a varying gift bag of materials ranging from bags, sweatshirts, and t-shirts. One t-shirt of which caught the obvious ire of EDM mega-star Steve Aoki.

The DJ/Producer was the recent pun of a joke, which you can see above, calling him "shit." While Wunderground claims that "we poke fun at pretty much every electronic music act," Aoki and his Beverly Hills legal team don't seem to be laughing.

The site, which aims to be a sort of Onion for the electronic music industry, was issued a "Cease & Desist" letter from Aoki's legal team, which can be read here. The letter, in summation, basically argues that Wunderground's shirt is "damaging Steve Aoki's reputation."

Site figurehead Mikey Maguire responded to the letter in great detail, pointing out that Wunderground is indeed a satire site, and that the t-shirt in question hasn't actually been produced. He even admits that only "11" people signed up for the crowdfunding experiment. You can read Maguire's entire response letter here as well.

Aoki was recently named the fifth highest earning DJ in the world in 2014, according to Forbes. The Las Vegas/Atlantic City mainstay raked in roughly $23 million, often playing multiple shows a day. "His schedule had almost double the amount of shows of anyone on our list. He's also boosted by endorsements with Bud Light, Guitar Center and Scion," the site noted back in August.