Ex-member of Emeralds and accomplished solo musicmaker in his own right, Steve Hauschildt, released at the end of September his latest piece of work Where All Is Fled, his third full-length album and sixth solo effort.

And we have a treat for you today direct from Hauschildt himself. He's crafted a guest mix for your listening pleasure, something he put together last year shortly after American composer Robert Ashley passed away. Always interesting and transportive in his own work, we are happy to introduce this collections of other people's music in a journey of electronic experimentalism.

Speaking to us via email, he said:

"This mix is a kind of loose exploration/overview of processed voice / linguistic deconstruction sometimes accompanied by strange electronics. I made the mix last year after Robert Ashley passed away-- I really wanted to collate and juxtapose a bunch of outsider/experimental vocal stuff from a similar kind of universe to help illuminate a web of people who I feel are important in that realm but who often don't get enough credit.

"Some of the work preceded or was unrelated to what Robert did and some of the music clearly followed in his footsteps (such as Tózé Ferreira). In that way I'm trying to connect some dots that weren't there before by bringing together artists from all types of backgrounds/locales who dabbled in sound poetry, post-minimalism, fluxus and other experiments with words and music."


  • 1. Larry Miller - 'Accord'
  • 2. Daniel Lentz - 'Midnight White'
  • 3. Lars-Gunnar Bodin - 'On Speaking Terms II: Poem No. 5'
  • 4. Paul Lansky - 'Now and Then'
  • 5. Joan La Barbara - 'Klee Alee'
  • 6. Tózé Ferreira - 'More Adult Music'
  • 7. John Chowning - 'Phoné'
  • 8. bill bissett & The Mandan Massacre - 'She, Still & Curling'
  • 9. Barry Truax - 'The Blind Man'
  • 10. C Spencer Yeh - 'Nothin' But A Heartache'
  • 11. Sten Hanson - 'The Love Song Of The Red Princess'
  • 12. Graham Lambkin - 'Tape 5'
  • 13. Mark Rudolph - 'Beautiful But Marred By The Blemish Of Perpetual Dissatisfaction'
  • 14. Ron Kuivila - 'Time'
  • 15. Dick Raiijmakers - 'Du Armer!'
  • 16. Rune Lindblad - 'Plasibenpius (Op. 30)'
  • 17. André Jaume - 'Ballade Pour Hector'
  • 18. Jon Rose - 'Shopping In Italy'
  • 19. Francis Dhomont - 'Scherzo (Giocoso)'
  • 20. Carl Stone - 'Shing Kee'
  • 21. Laetitia Sonami - 'Pie Jesu'