Steve Hauschildt never ceases to surprise. His latest video, a collaboration with acclaimed Canadian visual artist, animator and sculptor (among other things!) Sabrina Ratté, serves the title-track for his upcoming sophomore release for Ghostly.

Nonlin arrives just a year after Dissolvi, and treds into rather different waters than its predecessor. Taking a freer approach to recording, Hauschildt resulted in what's perhaps his boldest and most carefree work to date.

Not that it's overly light. A press release explains that the album, "emulates an alienating encounter with a smattering of places, a replicant of culture shock, a solitary and stark experience with uncanny environments, melody and dissonance as oblique locales."

Ratté, for her part, engages in the otherworldly and often bizarre visuals she's already known for. In short, the two are a perfect match.

Check out the visuals for 'Nonlin' below and look out for the album come October 25th.

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