Website: You would never have expected from the name Stick in a Pot, based on the results of not watering a household plant, that this group in fact have an alarming amount of sensitivity brewing. The folky Brightonians (a folk band, from Brighton?! Never) produce music which is lively, sweet, Dylan-esque, and filled with lovely skittering strumming of various instruments, woven in and out of the vocals. I can imagine they'd be great fun live, but it doesn't quite translate in the recording: the music is intricate, but the EP has the feeling of simply being all the songs they have, bunged together. The singsong style with a wash of gentle guitar, and spiky drums to back it, is very reminiscent of the Stone Roses, especially in 'Luterin'. There is something very nice happening here, but there's evident musical dexterity going unexpressed. The opening track is an inviting and echo-filled sound-scape. Equally SiaP's lyrics show a real sense of humour which doesn't get put across strongly enough: chirpy anthem to poverty 'Our Inert Inmate' is a bouncy pop-folk tune, but 'Acclimatising', which seems to be mainly about growing beards, and the oddly titled 'Plinky the Alien', are too much on the slow and ponderous side considering the silly lyrics. Very beautiful plinky plonky-ness, but lacking something. Rating: 6/10