Chicks rock man, it’s not sexist it’s a scientific fact. Here are 17 examples that prove this beyond doubt. Crank those speakers up and smudge on your favourite shade of lippy, it’s time to bow down to the ladies… [Disc 2 to follow June 22nd] Arthur – On top of the world – On top of the world is exactly where I’d like to see this lot end up, sweet effort from the Hampshire 5 piece Deluka – Invisible – Early track here from the Midlanders who have taken up residence in New York for recording purposes. Fans of Ladytron or Metric should keep their peepers peeled for the bands debut due out in June Donora – Shout – Visually they’re somewhat of an oddball ensemble but musically you won’t find anything more catchy and likeable than this, superb pop nugget from the Pittsburgh trio Fan Death – Veronicas Veil – This throbbing synth stomp oozes class. Excellent Disco skills from the sexy girl twosome Hannah Shark – Cinderella story – Gorgeous voiced songstress who also fronts Arthur. Makes Kate Nash sound like Dot Cotton Harrys Gym – Norway is the hottest musical Country in the world right now. Fact. Ok it’s not, but this song is quite good though Le Tetsuo – Dog Bitch – “I can’t believe I used to like you, I used to imagine what you were like when you were fucking” Filthy snot rock noise maniacs who I can’t pronounce sound pretty mint here Love Like Fire – William – San Francisco in brooding, anthem territory here, sounding like a musical cousin to Bat For Lashes recent epic ‘Daniel’ this is special stuff Music Go Music – I walk alone – In a few years time I’m sure this Blondie meets Ladyhawke Los Angeles 3 piece will be adding a few zeros to their currently modest 1258 Myspace friends. Damn good School Of Seven Bells – Price Of Peace – Ok so the hype machine is overloading over this lot but this is fresh and inventive, first Telepathe now SOSB, Brooklyn is really spoiling us Stricken City – Lost Art – London foursome sounding lovely with this Noisettes esque slab of Britpop Sybris – Oh Man – A more melancholy moment from the Chicago outfit’s outstanding debut long player ‘Into the trees’, having said that it does contain the line ‘Where’d you get that pussy? From a Hooker?’ Taken By Cars – Uh Oh – My all time absolute favourite band ever from the Philippines! Ok so they’re the only band I’ve ever heard of from the Philippines, but they sure as hell pack a punch, same as their Lightweight glove wearing countryman The Brownies – Means To An End – Hailing from arguably the most influential musical City in the UK, yep you guessed it, Norwich. The 5 rockers are embarking on a mammoth tour which will last throughout all of 2009, although disappointingly for me it doesn’t drop by Liverpool or Manchester BOOOOO! The Do – Playground Hustle – The French Fins make eclectic noise that makes me wish all bands had the balls to make music this great, well maybe not the balls but you know what I mean The Ettes – No Home – Ohio natives, shake rattle roll and shimmy their way in your face and drench your ear canals with a gorgeous grungy racket. One of my favourite tracks of 2009 so far We Rock Like Girls Don’t – I just wanna stick my head in the bass drum - The rest of the entries on this mixtape may beg to differ girls but yes, you do indeed rock. Debut album ‘How did it get to this’ dropped last month "Disc 1 is free to download here":