Following on from the 17 track Disc 1 mixtape (May 25th) here is the second installment where we are celebrating the wonder of the skirt wearing race and the stunning tune fest that these instrument wielding Goddesses are producing. Band Of Skulls – I know what I am – Ok so a White Stripes here may be obvious and lazy but that’s all I’ve got so deal with it. The London squad are on tour now Dengue Fever – Seeing Hands – Chhom Nimol the Cambodian silk tongued front woman is in captivating form here, you don’t hear tunes like this every day, heavenly psychedelia from Los Angeles Duchess Says – Black Flag – This lot put the mental in experimental, this track however is a more tune laden (but still fired up) moment from the recent funk-blast of their ‘Begging the 3 T’s’ EP Kovak – Never Find Love In A Nightclub – Early non album track from the Brighton Disco troupe, who keep your booty moving with their Scissor Sister stylings Land Of Talk – Speak to me bones –The Canadians are in fine form here, taken from their 2007 album ‘Applause Cheer boo hiss’ Maia Hirasawa – Crackers – Ok so she’s less likely to launch you dome first into a bass drum or plant a high heel into your chops than she is to go skipping with you through the meadows but this is a real cool tune all the same Marnie Stern – Prime – The deranged sound of Ms Stern’s Animal Collective meets Matt & Kim whirlwind pop makes everything else sound just plain boring (apart from the other 17 bands on this mixtape obviously). Taken from last years amazingly titled second album ‘This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That’ Modrocket – Take 2 – Real stomper from the grungy New York lasses Neon Kicks – Rewind – North East (UK) 2 girl/2 boy posse sounding funky as hell here in a Noisettes kind of way Normandie – Little Sister – LA Girl/Boy/Girl combo are sounding very Metric like with this Myspace demo track Pencil Toes – If you were a criminal you’d be a serial killer – Myspace name now reads ‘Pencil Toes (need a singer)’, not a good sign for an upcoming band so enjoy while you still can Telepathe – Chromes on it – Combining TV On The Radio’s experimentalism and School Of Seven Bells smooth tones, this is about as cool as music can get in my book The Affair – Honey – Dripping in New York attitude with the right amount of catchiness, you cant fall out with this 2mins 17secs of punky pop brilliance The Dodoz – Do you like boys – The French troupe just don’t seem to stop touring but they’ve found time to record their debut album, which shouldn’t be too much longer now. “I hate boys!”, indeed. The Grates – Burn Bridges – Belting album opener from the Aussies 2008 ‘Teeth Lost, Hearts Won’ sophomore album The Phenomenal Handclap Band – 15-20 – Oddball New York 8 piece have produced a zany hip shaker here The Veronicas – Take Me On The Floor – Aussie girl duo demand disco resurgence in the clubs, get your dancing shoes on for this one We Have Band – Hear it in the cans – Ok, so the vocals are shared between man and woman here, but the London threesome’s swirling art-rock still qualifies I don’t care what you say "Download Disc 2 right here":