Since their formation in 2008, Still Corners have self released an EP, Remember Pepper?, and released a number of singles last year including ‘Endless Summer’ which features on their debut full length. Titled Creatures Of An Hour, there’s a natural and autumnal sepia tinged feel to this soothing collection of ghostly tunes that belong in a haunted funfair, which potentially makes this the perfect soundtrack to drown out the noise of your shoes noisily crunching the fallen leaves.

This is an undoubtedly fey album, from the majestically droning organ to Murray’s peaceful incantations. With a voice that’s stuck half way in between Raphaelle Standell-Preston and Victoria Legrand, it’d be fair to compare Still Corners to both Braids and Beach House, more the latter due to the similar aesthetics the bands share. Opener ‘Cuckoo’ is a slow burning introduction into the band’s dreamy art pop debut, with catchy ‘aah’s’ and a Bat For Lashes-esque drum beat. Follower ‘Circulars’ is a more epic offering with ascending organ patterns and reverb soaked guitar snippets, where Murray’s voice fades into the background and lets the instruments do the talking.

Although, not everything is adorable and woozily entrancing, ‘I Wrote In Blood’ takes on the kind of song writing we’ve come to expect from Annie Clark (St. Vincent), as Murray uses her childlike fairytale voice to disguise the darker nature of the lyrics. The organ falters slightly, as if recorded on a record player that on its last legs, and it sounds like someone’s stomach churning with nervousness. The album slightly peters out towards the end as the pastiche starts to kick in although last track ‘Submarine’ saves the album with a surprise Joy Division inspired bassline.

Very much like Teen Dream became the ultimate winter album for 2010 despite being released at the start of the year; I predict that this album is going the same way. It’s hard to resist their charms. So don’t resist and just listen to this wonderful hazy around the edges seasonal debut from some musicians who are clearly very talented.