Still Flyin' are the sound of fun. San Franciscan Sean Rawls couldn't care less about the mediocrity and austerity of much of the current music climate, instead he's just content making sugar-sweet sunshine indie pop with his friends - all 15 of them! There are few bands that can match the energy and optimism that Sean and his rugby-team load of band members manage to create. If Still Flyin are anything to go by, California really must be the land of fun - if you don't enjoy them, then you should now realise why no one came to any of your parties. Name: OJ HAMMOND, Guru About us: I am Still Flyin’s Guru. Whenever they are in need of something mind expanding, I try to create it for them. You need a brew engulfed in smoke to make it look like a dramatic brew? I glance down to my beer belt and make it appear. Really, my job is to make sure that the band is Hammjamming all the time. If you don’t know what hammjamming is…come on over to the party, the pizzas are warm. Listening to: R Kelly – Untitled: When Kells slips into that yodel two songs in, my brain leaked out of my brain. Ghostbusters Theme Song (2009 Remix): Is there anything cooler in life than a Ghostbusters rave? Ok yes, a Ghostbusters rave IN THE MATRIX, but this is a good start. Reading : Shaq’s Twitter Page ( ). If you weren’t already aware, Shaq is like vice president of Still Flyin’land. He is vice president to Matthew Mcconaughey. Let me give you a little gem from VP Shaq: “Your momma got so much hair on her back that if we braided it, she would have thug back…” Watching: Spies Like Us. Video for 'Good Thing Its A Ghost Town Around Here' Playing: I think Bob Beers is the only Still Flyin’ member that plays video games. The rest of the band likes to play beer pong. Especially Gabe. Here’s a trick, if Ice is on your team, he will sink a double jammer and the other team will have to drink the equivalent of a twelve pack. I also like playing hacky sack. Eating Chicken Wings, Tacos, Taquitos, Space Cakes. Anything Else: Words of Wisdom: When you’re slipping into a brew groove be sure to take your arm and extend it as far as you can above your head that way the brew is pouring through the sky and into your mouth. This is what is referred to as “EXTENDING THAT SHIT”. Yeah you might get some brew on your face, but it’s worth it when you wipe the foam from your eye and the whole party just got bumped up a notch just because of your extended jamm. That’s really the core value of Hammjamming, extending your jamm to others. Don’t take a break, EXTEND THAT SHIT, you jammer! Promo Info: We have a new 7” coming out on Moshi Moshi Records called RUNAWAY TRAIN II on the 8th Feb. Its one of the best jams we’ve ever conceived. Also the b-side, All Lips Touch, has a special meaning. We love you! To coincide with this single we’ll be playing some UK dates in early February We’ll also have an ep out in May on Moshi Moshi, with more tourdates.