Last autumn, another impossible Scandinavian pop gem emerged in the form of Ji Nilsson with her debut EP Blue Is The Saddest Colour. At this point there's no point in trying to find out why Northern European countries are so good at producing pitch-perfect pop, but, hey, ask Max Martin.

Months after the EP's debut, Nilsson is prepping the single release of the effortlessly charming electro-pop effort 'Nothing', which also features a welcoming remix from Stockholm producer WoodzSTHLM. On the new work, WoodzSTHLM writes, "I remember that we talked about how much we both love Disney movies. Because my music is very visual and almost like a landscape, I thought that I would try to do the remix as if it was a song from a Disney movie. I looped 'Little Mermaid' and created the remix based on images from the film."

Listen to WoodzSTHLM's "reimagination" of 'Nothing' below.