Stone Irr may sound like a white high school reggae band, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The Midwestern singer-songwriter’s parents didn’t realize the pun until he was in middle school. He was offered to have it changed but kept his original name.

Just last week, Stone Irr dropped his debut album, Sinner. The album touches on relationships - both the earthly romantic and the divine. Sinner is a way for Stone Irr to reflect on the conservative Midwest childhood he had.

And fresh from that album, the 405 is here to premiere the video for his latest single, ‘In the Rain’.

When asked about the video, Stone said, “I had been wanting to do a video with my friend Hugh for a long time. I sent him Sinner and gave him free-reign in picking a song he wanted to shoot for. We wanted to use a car in some way in the video since the song [‘In the Rain’] is about my fear of driving in the rain at night. Hugh quickly came up with the idea of using a crash test dummy—having it loom over and follow me—trying to take my identity like a lot of irrational fears do. Since I moved to Los Angeles I had to give the mannequin away to some of my friends. Naturally, it’s become a staple at their house during parties.”

But while that mannequin is now a party staple, it served its purpose in the video. The looming of the mannequin pairs perfectly with the foreboding nature of Stone’s voice. The opening words are, “Driving in the rain/ forces me to think/ of the car crash I have not yet had.” Stone’s voice is placid without any obvious vibrato. This, paired with sneaky seventh chords/ unexpected minors, lets you know there is a storm below the surface.

And it’s this conscious layering that set’s Stone Irr’s ‘In the Rain’ - both video and audio - apart from the pack.