Stoner is a new singer-songwriter type project that takes its moniker from the John Williams "lost classic" novel of the same name. Any who have read Williams' Stoner will undoubtedly have been left feeling bereft and emotionally devastated by its gorgeous narrative of irrevocable loss - and the musical project Stoner is tapping into those same feelings.

Debut single 'Ultra-Lite Midlife Paradise' is said to be "about returning home and dealing with a parent who was very fearful of death.” Appropriately, the track starts with a forlorn guitar and Stoner's gritty vocals, giving the impression of an impending funeral march despite the scarcity of instrumentation. The song itself strings along a story of impassioned frailty, Stoner audibly coming to grips with the spectre of death that hovers above his loved one. As his resolve and acceptance grows, so does the instrumentation, blossoming into a stoic soft rocker, replete with piano, synth and atmospheric loops. The combination with Stoner's quivering vocals is a stark one, which leaves a heavy impression upon its wrought and resigned conclusion. Listen below.

We don't have any other information about Stoner for the time being, but there's plenty of feeling to be wrung out of 'Ultra-Lite Midlife Paradise' in repeat listens until we do.