The shadowy musical act Stoner has caught our attention with the two stark songs released so far, 'Ultra-Lite Midlife Paradise' and 'The Anteroom', which have not skimped on presenting a cold vision of reality. Today we have the pleasure of premiering the video for 'The Anteroom', which furthers the grey outlook presented in the song itself. Speaking on the video, Stoner tells us:

"The video is a kind of European take on a ‘British ITV drama’, all the references in the song mock a very middle class, British, fatalist malaise of what's happening at the moment. Growing up an ex- commune kid and having always felt socially displaced and estranged, I’ve always had a warped view on what it means to be British, but i recognise a *Locked in* mentality to structural identity- and i wanted to convey that inertia, that unwillingness to change."

The clip certainly captures the atmosphere of discontent that is palpable throughout the country at the moment, but takes it to even more drastic and soul-shattering extremes. This is aided by the sweeping track, Stoner's 'The Anteroom' really capturing a sense of nationwide malaise we're currently experiencing. In conjunction, the song and video 'The Anteroom' are a powerful statement.

Check out the Ross Anderson-directed clip below.