In the early '80s, Australian musicians Deborah Gray and Roy Nicolson connected in Sydney after having both spent time working in music abroad. Gray has been playing, writing and touring as a solo artist, along the way scoring a record deal and touring Germany with her band. Nicolson had been living in the UK, where he worked as a synth programmer and session musician for five years with producers like Trevor Horn and Barry Blue.

When they met in Sydney, Gray and Nicolson were both captivated by the possibilities suggested by Europe's burgeoning synth-pop and electro scenes, and perhaps a touch frustrated by Australia's continuing obsession with conventional rock music. Together, they started writing and recording their own sun-drenched, beachy electronica as ARVO, a slang term for the time of day most Australians would feel comfortable sinking a tin (drinking a beer). Although they released a full album together through a major label in 1984, ARVO's vision was sadly underappreciated at the time.

34 years later, antipodean record label Strangelove Music has liberated two essential cuts from the album 'Bikini' and 'So Below', and matched them up with remixes by Shelter and Hysteric, making for a beautifully sounding, and equally beautifully packaged 12" EP re-release. Available in vinyl and digital download formats, you hear potential and possibility here, echoes of what was, and what could have been. Synth-pop sunsets that were, and weren't, but yet could still be. Like the tide and its crashing waves, the magic of ARVO returns to us once again, ready to be caught and surfed into the endless summer of the mind.