Londoners Strangers are feeling charitable, and they're giving away the equivalent of a decent-sized EP from now until the end of the year. From July until December, they'll be putting out one new song a month. That's a lot of studio time.

The first fruits of this experiment have manifested themselves in the superb 'Sense of Liberty', which is reminding us of a gutsier Delphic; its immediacy and widescreen pop thrills see the band moving in a different direction after they last graced our ears with 'Something New' toward the end of 2012. It's streaming below, and if you're interested in a free download (why wouldn't you be?!), it's being offered in exchange for an email address on their website. Go fetch.

The band are playing Club NME at KOKO in London on August 16th, and are supported on the night by The Ramona Flowers.