I wonder how many times 555's music has been compared to the music from Mario Kart? Not F-Zero, not any other racing game, but specifically Mario Kart. It's cause it's basically very synth psychedelia – a vortex of galaxy-colonising spin-cycle sounds, heart-trembling and skin-tingling and mind-sharpening. This kind of permeating Rainbow Road aesthetic stands on the border between nostalgia and forward-thinking: a vague memory pinned to a bullet speeding into the future.

At the same time, this track – 'Som Hassel' – is its own beast. It appropriates the tribal, here a frenzy of fast cyclical beats and euphoric synth, into a wholly space-age sound. In this way, it spans thousands of years, from here all the way to the shaman-led clubnights of old. Or whatever they called them back then. Religious rites. But I secretly think they were kind of just an excuse to party. And it's like that with 'Som Hassell' – no matter what psychedelia you attach to it, what otherworldly labels, it's still grounded in energetic danceability.

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