Earlier this summer I was lucky enough to connect with Clarence Clarity during his first trip to Los Angeles while he was hanging out with local hip-hop artist A.J. Crew as the two had just wrapped up working on a track together. We kept in touch and once the song was finished up, he sent it my way - and now we're premiering it here for you at The 405!

It's a rework of his song 'Cancer™ In The Water’ from last year's NO NOW. He gave us a little bit more detail about how the track came to be in an email, saying “I met A.J. Crew on my first visit to Los Angeles in August, and I’d always wanted to get an MC on album track 'Cancer™ In The Water’ - so we got busy in 99° heat and here’s the result! This rounds off 2015 quite nicely, expect new music soon!”

Naturally, we're pretty jazzed about the new music he's got coming out this year, but until that happens this is more than enough to tide us over. A.J.'s verse adds a fresh shot of energy to the otherwise lyrically minimalist track while still retaining its maximalist, futuristic pop spirit. Stream it below, and keep your eyes peeled for new Clarence Clarity stuff as the year progresses!

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