When most people say, "You better let go", you'd assumed they were referring to some old fling, some dog that ran away, some job you didn't want anyway.

When San Francisco's A Million Billion Dying Suns sing "You better let go", you get the sense they are referring to the Earth's crust; to your attachment to planetary concerns, as AMBDS' stomping drums, storming guitars and propulsive bass create an anti-gravity vortex that suck you into the center of the Milky Way, past your ancestors and the ghost of Obi Wan. Out into deep space.

"As the million billion suns die, they coalesce into one singular form of energy, before they explode into super nova. It is the vanishing point, where you and me don't matter, but we do." AMBDS are using the primal and savage energy of rock 'n roll - howling, spitting, frothing feedback and a timeless chorus, to bring the Event Horizon.

You get the feeling that A Million Billion Dying Suns are attempting to conjure this Hanging Garden At The Center Of The Universe out of thin air, in countless psychedelic ballrooms.

'The Garden' is the first song off of AMBDS' forthcoming album, and is also available as a 7" from Turntable Kitchen.