Wow, like, wow. Wow. Wow wow wow. Easily pleased by synths, maybe – say all you want because whatever. The truth is that Stonewall Klaxon is doing actually magical things with music, if his latest track 'Spherical' is anything to go by. The bass blasts boom out under aching, slow-fade-in synth chords, all dotted with jaunty snippets of melody in the form of 8-bit bleepings and synthesised vox that sound as if cartoon phantasms are singing in some asymmetrical chorus line, a cross between a Super Mario World ghost house and a cosmic jaunt into space.

It's slow and considered and carefully nuanced and brimming with subtle dynamics; it's a soundtrack for whatever your imagination can conjure up. And it comes from his upcoming 26 EP, out 1st September. Watch his SoundCloud for that.