As far as UK talent goes, Joseph Ellis-Stevenson, aka Dot Rotten, fka Young Dot, and now known as Zeph Ellis undoubtedly goes down as one of the most underrated. Earlier this year, Complex UK showcased some of the best of his earlier tracks and freestyles that made him the talk of the town in the early 2000s while even official singles such as 'Keep It On A Low' and 'Karmageddon' prove that his talents can impact a wider audience. Label issues meant his debut album Voices In My Head went largely unnoticed, despite being filled with collaborations with the likes of TMS, Naughty Boy, and True Tiger.

Recently Zeph has spent most of his time on the production side of things, recently dropping the 'Aubrey Graham Starter Pack' - a seven track instrumental release inspired by Drake. In fact, head over to his two SoundCloud pages and you'll find loads of Zeph Ellis productions. '(Wxfxy Cxnnxtxxn)' is his latest "Soul Trap" release (which could possibly be a nod to newcomer Bryson Tiller's self-described 'Trapsoul' sound?) and strangely isn't produced by the man himself - that's handled by RndySvge. On this, Zeph appears to have taken on some sort of American alter ego but in the context of the track it seems to fit. Let's just hope it's not a permanent change.