• Name: aamourocean
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Sounds Like: "Maddening breakneck happy hardcore"
  • For Fans of: Sunshine, happiness and the bizarre
  • Website: Facebook

Arriving from Paris, this is the sound of aamourocean. Particularly, it's the sound of his track 'Yuntekkem' that's got us interested. Taken from the varied collection that is the 5-day-old I LOVE MYSTERY EP, which features as much in terms of slow beats as it does in maddening breakneck happy hardcore, 'Yuntekkem' is a track that is crowded with life and living, energy pulsing in the confines of its booming 3 minutes and 23 seconds.

There is a certain element of the bizarre in here, with choral samples singing out in rainbow harmonies above the foundations of sub-bass inherent in the slow-ache trap beat; it's like something otherworldly, a cosmic choir maybe. By the end the sample becomes more cut-up, accompanied by siren-like synth and a new rhythm in the form of a dancehall-flavoured beat.

It's a euphoric, life-affirming track, as strange as it is drenched in sunshine happiness, and would make a simply perfect song to soundtrack the final sequence or montage in a cool animé, sounding as it does like the alarm to herald the end of a storm, with dissipating clouds, sun glinting on quick-drying puddles. A happy ending (not that kind, you pervert) song. And, to be honest with you, the rest of ammourocean's I LOVE MYSTERY EP exudes a similar atmosphere, quirky, alien energy and warmth filling the air.

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