Abbi Press is an alchemist. The Brooklyn based singer/songwriter/producer carefully parses together a mix of electro, dream pop, and R&B that’s stripped down and processed through an experimental filter.

Nowhere does this shine most than on her newest single, ‘Butterfly Effect’. And the 405 is here to premiere it.

This track is an example of artful layering. Every nuance, every electronic glitch, is purposeful. The experimental syncopation of the drums is what gives the track its edge. Abbi Press’ vocals spread like butter and easily whisk you away. But, it’s this very conscious, very minimalist approach to layering and dynamics that sets this track over the edge. ‘Butterfly Effect’ is grandiose in its ambition and heart, not its volume.

When it came to writing the track, Abbi had this to say: “If life always gives you lemons, what do you make of it? I wrote this song as a demo for another producer over a year ago, but loved it so much that I decided to produce my own instrumental for it. It's the first time I've tracked myself playing electric guitar, live drums from my drummer, Robby Bowen, and flourishes from Anna Bikales on the harp. 'Butterfly Effect' encapsulates a bittersweet motif of hoping for something better, but continually fighting outside forces of pressure and negativity that wear away at the inner depths of self to a point of disillusionment.”

Abbi Press’ ‘Butterfly Effect’ is just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe it’s time we all joined her out in the waves.