Acid Baby Jesus have forged a reputation on over-delivering. With an ethos of “no show too small, no fee too big”, they have schlepped their way across continents off the back of two LPs warmly received by those in the know. Now, the Athenians have a third offering, Lilac Days (out on September 29th), thanks to the finely-tuned curatorial minds at Fuzz Club.

Expansive and varied without ever entering the dangerous waters of “far out, man!”, Lilac Days might well be the rock album of the year that none of us actually deserve. Occasionally angular and unexpected, but an incredibly satisfying and generous record overall. There’s enough sun-bleached psych workouts in here to keep the majority happy, whereas the straight down the line garage belter that is ‘Guide Us In’ will certainly appease those who find themselves on the more Oh Sees side of the tracks.

200 copies of Lilac Days will be pressed onto delicious 180g white vinyl, with 500 on black.